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Serabi Solo


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A. Overview

If Semarang is famous for its lumpia basah, Yogya for bakpia pathok, and Garut for jenang, Solo is renowned for its delicious snack called serabi. Made of rice flour, coconut milk, and some other ingredients, Serabi Solo has a unique, savory, and a little sweet taste. The shape looks like surabi bandung, but the one from Solo is crisper.

You cannot say you have been to Solo if you have not tasted serabi solo at Notosuman. The snack has been so famous that now you can find it outside Solo.

Serabi solo is tastier while hot. The side is usually crisp and the middle part is softer. Today, they add not only coconut milk, but also chocolate, fruits, and also cheese into the serabi, depending on your order.

According to one of the sellers, the recipe was a family secret at first. But then the business developed and there you can find many serabi shops along Slamet Riyadi Road, Notosuman.

Some serabis are still made by the original method, i.e. using charcoal. There are, however, people who prefer gas stove. Both serabis are good but the ones made using charcoal smell better and the texture is more interesting with burned sides. Stove serabis are cleaner and “moister”.

There are two tastes in general: plain and flavored. In contrast with the flavored, plain serabis are served without any additional tastes.

B. Features

Serabi solo tastes uniquely sweet. This snack does not contain any preservatives. Today, they make serabi in various flavors by inserting chocolate, cheese, or fruits into the piece.

The soft and interesting texture of serabi will make it hard for you not to buy some when you are in Solo. Serabi solo tastes even better when combined with hot tea or coffee.

C. Location

Serabi solo sellers are plenty throughout Slamet Riyadi Road, Notosuman, Solo City. There are probably 28 sellers.

D. Access

Notosuman area is very easy to reach as it sits downtown. You can get there by either public or private transportation. Slamet Riyadi Road is also easy to find once you enter Solo. It is one of the major road in the city.

E. Price

A piece of serabi solo is sold at Rp 1,500 (August 2010).


Text : Adi Tri Pramono
Translation : Reza Daffi
Photo(s) : Collection of Jogjatrip.com
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