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Kalibiru Forest Resort

Kalibiru Forest Resort

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A. Overview

Kalibiru is a forest resort situated in Menoreh Hills, Kulon Progo and at the height of 450 meters above sea level. The forest area used to be a harmed state forest due to illegal logging. Fortunately, the local people came out with an initiative to preserve the forest to keep it green, cool, and beautiful by making it a forest resort called Kalibiru. Thus, Kalibiru Forest Resort is public forest, i.e. a state forest that is looked after and managed by the people.

The reforestation of Kalibiru was carried out by Lingkar Community. Within 5 years since the people were given a temporal permission by the government to work on the forest, Kalibiru vegetation have grown luxuriously. Few springs have emerged as a consequence. On February 14th, 2008, knowing that the work went exceptionally well, the government issued a new 35 years temporal permission for forest usage.

Over the course of time, Kalibiru Forest Resort has been fitted out with facilities for tourists’ convenience. The natural beauty combines harmoniously with the village people’s warmness and culture. It is particularly this peaceful experience that the running organization offers through its package tours, such as village tour, cultural tour, educational tour, family tour, trekking tour, and natural therapy tour.

B. Features

Kalibiru Forest Resort sits at a location higher than Sermo Reservoir that tourists will have a good view of the beautiful dam from above. Indeed, the main attraction of the place is its charming natural environment. Here, you can find a harmonious blend of forestal greenness on a hilly land and the vast extent of the blue sky. This natural landscape will be even prettier with the villages and the people that are warm, nice, and very welcoming. 

In Kalibiru Forest Resort, tourists can do various things. If you want to have a recreation, to learn local culture, to have a meeting, to trek through the woods and villages, to do some outdoor activities, or to spur your adrenaline on the flying fox ride, Kalibiru is a perfect choice.

To just have an easy time by enjoying the scenery, you can walk to the nearest viewing post. At the highest post, you can see a vast landscape in which there are Sermo Reservoir, forest, houses, farmlands, and hills. At this height, you will feel the greatness of the Creator.

Kalibiru Forest Resort is also a good place for social gathering or workshop as it has the facilities, such as cottage and meeting hall. Besides, there is a wide area for outdoor activities. There are three trekking routes if you like to have a leisure walk. For a bit challenge, you should go for the 85 meter long flying fox ride.

C. Locations

Kalibiru Forest Resort is situated at Hargowilis Village, Kokap Sub-district, Kulon Progo District, Yogyakarta.

D. Access

Located 40 km west of downtown Yogyakarta or 10 km from Wates, the place is quite easy to reach. From Yogyakarta City, you will need 60-90 minutes to get there. And from Wates (the capital of Kulon Progo Regency), you can take the street that leads to Waduk Sermo, on which you will find a Kalibiru Forest Resort signpost later.

E. Ticket

The entrance ticket to Kalibiru Forest Resort is Rp 2,000 a person. There is an additional charge for flying fox ride, i.e. Rp 10,000 a person for adult, and Rp 5,000 a person for children (September 2010).

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

Aside from facilities like food stalls, parking lot, mosque, and public bathroom, the forest resort is also equipped with installations as follows:

  • 6 cottages that can accommodate 10-15 tourists each
  • 2 courses of flying fox for children (50 meters) and adult (85 meters)
  • 5 viewing posts at different points
  • Library with a collection of books and magazines about agriculture and forestry
  • Meeting room that is shaped like a Joglo (Javanese traditional house)
  • 3 routes of jogging tracks around the area, i.e. the short route (2-4 km), medium route (3-4 km), and long route (4-5 km). Besides for sport and recreation, while jogging by these routes you can also get acquainted with various kinds of forest vegetation.
  • Area for outdoor activities.


Text : Elisabeth Murni
Translation : Reza Daffi
Photo(s) : Collection of theghoztworld.blogspot.com

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