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Adisutjipto Monument of Struggle (Ngotho Monument)

Adisutjipto Monument of Struggle (Ngotho Monument)

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A. Overview

The establishment of the monument began with the incident on July 29, 1947, when a Dakota VT-CLA plane of the India Airlines fell down owing to a shot by the Dutch during a humanity mission. The plane planned to land on Maguwo Airport, Yogyakarta (today it is Adisutjipto Airport). The death roll of the incident included the pioneers of TNI-AU, namely Posthumous Young Air Marshall Agustinus Adisutjipto and Air Commodore Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Saleh.

Ngotho Monument is a monument to memorize the spirits of the National Heroes Agustinus Adisutjipto and Abdulrahman Saleh. The monument belonged to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Air Force (AU) under the management of TNI-AU Adisutjipto. Apart from founding the monument, every 29th day of July, TNI-AU also indulges in reminiscence of the tragic incident. The remnants of the plane now are stored in the Museum of TNI-AU Adisutjipto, Yogyakarta.

As a monument of revolution, Ngotho Monument has a historical value. Therefore, you can choose it to be your historical tour object. The monument was constructed dashingly, being made of the remains of a plane put on top of the 5 meter building. The placing of the plane aims to remind anyone who sees of the incident and to honor the heroes. On the wall, the names of the heroes and brief information about the incident are inscribed.

B. Features

The Monument of Ngotho has special features, particularly for those who are interested in national history. The monument can be one of the good references to trace the history of the nation. Another feature is that the monument becomes a significant monument to trace the history of Yogyakarta, especially the time during which the capital city of Indonesia moved to Yogyakarta.

C. Location

Adisutjipto Monument of Struggle lies in Ngotho Village, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta.

D. Access

The monument can be accessed easily, either by personal or public transportation. You can take any bus heading for Bantul from Giwangan Bus Station. From Yogyakarta, there are three bus tracks to Bantul: one to Parangtritis Street, another to Bantul Street (Sanden Beach and Palbapang Bus Station), the rest to Imogiri Street. Before you take a bus, it is necessary for you to ask someone which bus that heads for Imogiri Street for the monument is situated on West Imogiri Street. This is important to prevent taking the wrong bus, either to Parangtritis Street or Bantul Street.

E. Ticket

The manager of the monument charges the visitors nothing. You are only expected to keep the environment clean.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

The monument provides some accommodations and other facilities, including an auditorium, a parking lot, a mosque, and a toilet. They are available with some regulations in force.

Text: Yusuf Efendi
Translation: Al-Amri Arif Sandy
Photos: Collection of Jogjatrip.com
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