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National Military Academy

National Military Academy

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Address : Jalan Gatot Subroto, Magelang, Jawa Tengah

Koordinat GPS : -7 29' 43.93", +110 12' 38.89"


A. Overview

“Adhitakarya Mahatvavirya Nagara Bhakti” is the slogan that comprises the vision of the Military Academy, i.e. courageous, hard-working, and willing-to-learn army officers who sincerely work to help others and serve their country. The Academy is a school for cadets of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) located in Magelang, Central Java.

Its history began with the establishment of Militaire Academie (MA) Yogyakarta on 31 October 1945 upon the command of Head of General Staff, Tentara Keamanan Rakyat (Public Security Armed Forces), Lieutenant General of TNI Oerip Soemohardjo. By 1950, after having passed just two generations of graduates, the MA Yogyakarta was closed for a certain period of time for technical reasons. Students of the third class then had to continue their education in KMA Breda, Netherland. In the meantime, in other areas (Malang, Magelang, Salatiga, Brastagi, Prapat), schools for urgent military officers were founded to cover the needs of the National Army.

Later, on 1 January 1951 in Bandung, a school for army officers was established under the name Sekolah Perwira Genie Angkatan Darat (SPGi AD). The name was changed into Akademi Teknik Angkatan Darat (ATEKAD) on 23 September 1956. Back in 1951, precisely on 13 January in Bandung, another military school was set up under the name of Pusat Pendidikan Perwira Angkatan Darat (P3AD) or literally, Educational Center for Army Officers. Considering that there were many military schools, an idea of founding a military academy came up. It was first floored in the parliamentary meeting in 1952 by the Minister of National Defense. Finally, after a long process, on 11 November 1957 at 11.00 a.m. Indonesian President Ir. Soekarno as the Field Marshal of the Indonesian Army officially reopened the National Military Academy in Magelang. Since it was a new form of the old MA Yogyakarta, the class of 1957 was considered the third generation.

It underwent some more changes from then on until it became the now Military Academy, which was originated from the Army Department of AKABRI (the Academy of Indonesian Armed Forces). The change took place on 14 June 1984.

The Academy receive new students every year. The registration for new students usually starts in February and selection begins on 1 April. Then, those who are accepted will start their class on 1 August.

B. Features

The Academy has a total 5-years education that binds the students to work for the government after graduation. The elementary military education, called Chandradimuka, is given to both navy and air force students for the first year. After that, the education carries on with the military education from level I to IV, a year each level. Starting from 2010, the graduates will get the title Sarjana Pertahanan, or Bachelor of Defense. They are not allowed to get married until after two years of service or after inaugurated as Second Lieutenant.

At Level III, there are five departments offered, i.e. Battle Engagement, Military Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation and Communication Engineering, and Administration. Battle Engagement Department includes three concentrations, namely Infantry and Cavalry, Battlefield Artillery, and Air Defense Artillery. As for Administration Department, it has six concentrations including Supplies, Topography, Military Police, General Assistant, Finance, and Aviation.

The Academy also has the Regimental Organization of Cadet Corpse in which cadets are trained and developed in military life based on Sapta Marga (Seven Points of Vows of the National Army), Cadet Regulation, and Cadet Codes of Honor. It is through this organization as well cadets could start learn about the structure of organization of the National Army. For extracurricular activities, there are sport and art student clubs that are supported with adequate facilities by the Academy.

It is quite interesting to visit the Academy because we can see things we will not find in other schools. Of course, there may also be other attractions around the place, such as Tidar Hill, for instance. It is a historical and legendary mountain with beautiful scenery. From upon the mountain, you will be able to see Magelang City and the Academy.

C. Location

The National Military Academy is situated on Gatot Subroto Street, Magelang, Central Java.

D. Access

From Yogyakarta, the school can be reached easily as it lies in Magelang, which is not really far away. You can take a bus heading for Semarang and get off at Tidar Bus Station, Magelang, from which you can get a minibus to get to the Academy. If you take your own vehicle, you can go there straight. From Yogyakarta, you just need to go through Magelang Street northwards and as you get to Armada intersection, take the right turn. Go straight ahead and you will find the Academy.

E. Ticket

There is no admission ticket for visitors. However, you may need to get a confirmation of your visit before from the information office of the Academy.

F. Accommodations and Other Facilities

The Military Academy provides its students with facilities to support their activities. Among them are:

1. Ksatrian Akmil (The Campus)

The main campus and the Panca Arga Housing Complex are usually called Ksatrian Akmil. Visitors can have a tour around the campus on foot, by bicycle or bus. There are some interesting spots in it, such as the Cannon Park, which keeps some cannons once belonged to the National Army; the Rare Plant Garden in which various rare plants are cultivated; and also Yudha Bhakti Park which is a graveyard for cadets and alumni who were killed during battle.  

In the Panca Arga Housing Complex, there are also some interesting spots, such as:

  • Puskopad (the Army Cooperative), in which souvenirs are sold,
  • Propalatker (Center for Food Production and Employment Training)
  • Training Center for Engineering Cadets,
  • The Batalyon of Demonstration and Training (Yon Demlat).
  2. Museums

  • Abdul Djalil Military Museum. This museum could give you information about the history of the Academy. It also keeps some collections of weaponry.
  • Pangsar Sudirman Museum. The museum shows you the route that the Commander Sudirman went through during his famous guerilla. There are some items that have relations with the war.

          3. Tidar Hill

          Tidar Hill provides recreation and sport facilities, including:

  • Borobudur International Golf Field that has 18 holes,
  • Tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts; Sapta Marga Stadium; and Suroto Sport Hall which is used for badminton, table tennis, and gymnastics,
  • Soekotjo Swimming Pool, which is 0.9769 acres wide and located slightly outside the Academy (about 3 km), precisely in Pisangan area.
   4. Linguistic Multimedia Laboratory
   5. Physical and Chemical Laboratory
   6. Computer Room
   7. “M. Socheh” Shooting Field


Text: Adi Tri Pramono
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Translation: Reza Daffi
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