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Soekarno - Yurike Sanger Love Story to be Filmed

Soekarno -  Yurike Sanger Love Story to be Filmed

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26 Oktober 2010

Jogja, Jogjatrip.com—First president of Indonesia Ir. Soekarno is indeed very popular and respected by the people of Indonesia and the world. But not everybody knows his love life. His love story with Yurike Sanger, a high school student, inspires a producer to film it.

The movie tries to tell people something about who the founding father is. Different from the previous movies of similar theme, this movie will reveal the humanist side of Soekarno.

Executive Producer Ari Nurdin stated that the movie is made based on the book “Kisah Percintaan Soekarno Dengan Anak SMA” by Kadjat Adrai, a journalist who was closed to Soekarno family, thus the validity of the book is undoubted.

Ardi explained that Soekarno is well-known as a great expert in strategy. However, he was just another ordinary people with his humanist sides. The movie does not show off Soekarno as a president, it revels more about the romantic character of him.

“We all know that Soekarno has more than one wives. But we never know how did he make them fall for him. This movie is one of the answers,” Ardi explained, Monday (10/25).

The movie which will be directed by Eddie Cahyono is estimated to cost 15 billion. One of the biggest investors is H. Bugiakso, grandson of Commander Sudirman. Ardi added that currently the producer is surveying for location, while the shooting will start at early 2011.

Further, Ardi Nurdin or more popular as Dadi ‘Jikustik’ hoped that the movie will be a great alternative of Indonesian movie to not only enhance people’s appreciation toward Indonesian movie but also can be a historical reference for the young generation.**(Eko Wahyu)

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