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Donation for Merapi Victims

Donation for Merapi Victims


28 Oktober 2010

Yogyakarta, Jogjatrip.com - Yogyakarta is shedding tears again. Tuesday, 26 October 2010, Merapi erupted. Thousands of people began to live in tents with limited access to clean clothing and food. Homes, buildings, rice fields, all shattered by the hot ash clouds coming out of the angry volcano. These people are now living in modest places together with countless others, breathing heavily from choking, sulfur-contaminated air.

General Manager of Jogjatrip.com Mahyudin Al Mudra, S.H., M.M. considers the disaster a shocking and painful occurence for us all. This grief is ours. Together, we could ease the misery of the victims. Let us spare a bit of what we have for those in sorrow.

Jogjatrip.com is knocking your door for sincere contribution. Make your donation via the account below:

Bank Central Asia (BCA)
Katamso Branch Office
Account Number: 445-10-444-05
Account Holder: Yuhastina

Yogyakarta Branch Office
Kotagede Service Office
Account Number: 019-722-129-7
Account Holder: Yuhastina

Or via Western Union

Jogjatrip.com will distribute your donation directly to the victims of Merapi explosion. The names of donators, amounts of donation, and receivers wil be displayed on this site.

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