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Srikandi Menolak Malu: A Freedom of Expression

Srikandi Menolak Malu: A Freedom of Expression

One of the works displayed in Srikandi Menolak Malu (Photo: Ekowahyu)

25 April 2011

Yogya, Jogjatrip.com – Young artist Arieza Tri Purnawinasih seems to have her own way to display her works. Her exhibition entitled “Srikandi Menolak Malu” (“Srikandi Refuses to be Shy”) is held in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY) April 10th-14th, 2011. At least 80 female artists, some are students, take part in the event. To Arieza, Srikandi, who is the name of a heroine in Hindu-Javanese folklore, is an ultimate object to explore for them.

By the theme “Menolak Malu”, or “Refuses to be Shy”, she wants to convey her idea of the way female artists should work. They are free to do whatever they want with their works and there should not be any restrictions. One of the seemingly vulgar works by Indonesian standard is a blue 60x90 cm canvass with a women’s underwear on it. Below it, she painted four red horizontal lines so that it looks like an illustration of upper thighs.

To Arieza, women should never feel shy to show off their works. What was improper then is a common thing now that promiscuity exists everywhere. But the exhibition is aimed to criticize modern sociality, including the development of information technology.

Arieza also views that being free in expression does not mean forgetting their being women. We can see one of Galih Sekartaji’s works, a painting of a female clown breastfeeding her child, on a corner. ***(Eko Wahyu)

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