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Seeing the Sights of Kampong Kauman at Night

Seeing the Sights of Kampong Kauman at Night

Crowd in Front of the Royal Grand Mosque, Kauman (Indrajati)

28 April 2011

Yogya, Jogjatrip.comWalking around Kampong Kauman in nighttime is quite fun. The kampong in Ngupasan Subdistrict, Gondomanan District, Yogyakarta, is one of tourist attractions in the town, famous for its old-style alleys and buildings. Kauman, which has been always known to be an Islamic kampong, is a historical witness of Indonesian struggle for independence. On Saturday (4/30) at 19.30, the Yogyakarta Kampong Explorers Community (KBKJ) is holding an event called Kauman Night Trail.

According to Fakhruddin Hadi, a member of KBKJ, the event will start at the Royal Grand Mosque and proceed to nearby historical sites such as K.H.A. Dahlan’s mosque and an old kindergarten. “This is going to be interesting, giving new experiences to everyone takes part,” said him to Jogjatrip.com, Tuesday (26/4).

Ghifari Yuristiadhi, the man behind the event, added that the concept of this tour is unique: while walking by the narrow alleys, tourists will be involved in warm chats with the natives while savoring traditional foods a la angkringan (food hawker’s). In fact, motorcycles are not allowed in the alleys. “We design this to be a night tour that may provide rich inspiration for tourists,” said Yuristiadhi, who was also involved in last year’s Tour de Muhammadiyah.

Kauman Night Trail is open to public. Anyone interested can register through SMS to 0856.385.3312 with very affordable admission fee. “Daytime tours are plenty. It will not be the same at night, though. Different atmosphere,” said Yuristiadhi.

The name Kauman means a place of the “kaum”, i.e. religious leaders. There used to live 9 Islamic leaders in the time of Sultan Hamengku Buwana VII. The kampong is known mainly due to the Royal Grand Mosque, whose Javanese architecture was designed by Tumenggung Wijayakusuma, a royal official. The mosque consists of two sections: the main compartment and the porch. The pillars inside number 36 in all and there are 24 staircases in the porch.***(Teguh R. Asmara)

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