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Come to Kinahrejo, Have a Taste of Scrummy Soto Awan Panas

Come to Kinahrejo, Have a Taste of Scrummy Soto Awan Panas

Kinahrejo Resto (Photo: Trasmara)

30 April 2011

Sleman, Jogjatrip.com – Merapi victims of Kinahrejo and Pangukan have now woken up in economic sector. Taking advantage of the lava tour, women of the two villages run food businesses around the area. Tens of neatly arrayed food stalls sell typical Sleman foods such as jadah (glutinous rice cake), tempe (soybean cake), and tahu bacem (boiled, sweetened tofu) at very affordable prices. At weekends, like on Saturdays or Sundays, there would be tourists coming from various places. The ‘food courts’ is situated in front of of Kinahrejo information center.

Though called ‘resto’, the place is not as luxurious as those in town. There are only wooden benches under roofs made of grass. However, Kinahrejo resto does have something that city restaurants do not: panoramic view of a volcano. There, we can see clearly people’s houses on the south and eruption-impacted hills on the west of Kali Kuning. So exquisite.

“This resto was opened on February 2011,” said Purwati, a stall owner. It was set up by Paguyuban Kinahrejo, an organization of the people of Kinahrejo, and intended to equip the nearby tourist destinations. There are some menus with that have become favorites among visitors, such as soto awan panas, nasi goreng vulkanik, nasi goring Kendit, mie rebus sapu jagad, or kopi areng Merapi, kopi susu Kali Opak, es the Kali Cemara. “Soto awan panas (Volcanic ash soup) is a soup, cooked with Kinahrejo local spices, dished while steamy,” said Purwati to Jogjatrip.com, Thursday (4/28).***(Teguh R. Asmara)

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