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Riding the Drim Boat at Bleberan Village

Riding the Drim Boat at Bleberan Village

Drim boat was carrying passengers (Photo: Ist)

08 September 2011

Gunungkidul, Jogjatrip.com – Have you ever ride on the drim boat ex oil bin? If you have never done that, come to Bleberan village, Playen, Gunungkidul. The boat will take you to see a waterfall called ‘Si gethuk’ or ‘Si Slempret’ which its destination is only 1 Kilometer and about 15 minutes spent time from Bleberan village through Oya River. Drim boat is equipped with Jenset engine and propellers. Unfortunately the boat cannot carry more than 6 people. “Usually the boat won’t run if overloading", said Wasit, the navigator of Drim boat, who met Jogjatrip on Sunday (21/8).

Drim boat is designed very simple. It is made of eight ex casks given the board on it and tied. It also added with iron fence for the safety of passenger. "Especially on the holidays, there are many visitors who come here and for one person is usually charged Rp.10.000 for one way", said Wasit.

Since inaugurated in July 2010, Bleberan village has been visited by many tourists although the numbers are very small. The village indeed has many springs coming out between rocks. That makes this area to be never dried even on the dry season, including ‘Si Gethuk’. This tourist area surrounded by hills of rocks with beautiful natural scenery and waterfalls ‘Si Gethuk’ dan Goa Rancang Kencana Cave. "There is one place of Oya River which has a depth of 30 meters, and it penetrated through the mountain", said Wasit.

From the parking area, the visitors who want to go to the waterfall have two alternatives, either using the boat or walking through the hills. It takes one hour by foot. Unfortunately, the limited guide tour over this place makes difficult for the visitors to get information clearly. "Usually they ask to our crew" said Wasit.

To unwind, there are provided fishing ponds and stalls. But on the last Sunday, the fishing ponds were not operated because the water was subsided, and the stalls were also closed. "Indeed we expect the Department of Tourism of Gunungkidul to provide the proper boats, maybe on the next stage as the first stage is to make the way from the parking lot to Oya River, "said Wasit.*** (True Romance R)

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