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Serayu Park Becomes an Icon of Tourism in Banjarnegara

Serayu Park Becomes an Icon of Tourism in Banjarnegara

The waterboom under construction (Photo: Trasmara)

10 April 2012

Banjarnegara, Jogjatrip.com – Banjarnegara, a regency in the southwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia, which is currently famous with tourism objects in Dieng and Seruling Mas Zoo will add more tourism site which called Serayu Park. Occupying a land area of ​​approximately 1 acre in area of Prima Mandiri Housing Complex, St. Seruling Mas, the park will serves as an icon of tourism in Banjarnegara.

"The Banjarnegara people are hungry with the entertainment and recreation places, therefore with the presence of Serayu Park, hope they will not go away from their hometown to spend their holidays," said Benny Pamungkas, the General Manager of Serayu Park, to Jogjatrip on Monday in his office (09/04).

Serayu Park is a vehicle for an integrated tourist which presented with natural feel blend with the nature, which is Serayu River. Currently, the establishment of Serayu Park is being accelerated to complete on May as being expected.

The attraction, which projected to become the new icon in Banjarnegara, is located in a strategic location not far from the Seruling Mas Zoo. This location makes it easy to be accessed from St. Gotong Royong or Semampir intersection to the north.

According to Benny, Serayu Park is equipped with six unit resorts overlooking the Serayu River. A waterboom options is also available on slinder, flash bowl, pond water dancing, roft slider, and current pool. To relax on the park is provided restaurant and coffee shop as well as the karaoke place for families. "We provide 60,000 songs which are updated every two weeks and supported by current technology," said Benny, an alumnus of AMTA Yogyakarta in 2004 who was born on May 10, 1970.

According to the plan from Public Works of Banjanegara District, the road to Serayu Park, which is currently only 4 meters width, will be widened to 7.5 meters. "The presence of Serayu Park is strongly supported by the Department of Tourism in Banjarnegara, even the events held on Serayu Park have been included in Central Java Calendar Visit 2013," he added. (Teguh R Asmara)


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