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Yogyakarta City

Culinary Tourism

A. Overview A classic culinary spot at the heart of the city, Angkringan Tugu presents a kind of atmosphere that will give you the real feel of ... Read more

A. Overview Besides soto and bakso, the kind of food one can find nearly anywhere in Indonesia is noodle (Indonesian, mi or bakmi). There are ... Read more

A. Overview Kotagede is apparently not only famous for its silver crafts and historic buildings, but also its culinary tours. Besides kipo, there is ... Read more

A. Overview Visiting Yogyakarta certainly will not complete without testing its typical food, Gudeg. It has very long story especially for the people ... Read more

A. Selayang Pandang Di Kota Yogyakarta, kuliner berbahan dasar daging kuda memang kurang populer. Selain karena tekstur daging yang berserat ... Read more

  A.      Overview Bakpia Pathuk is one of well-known Yogyakarta special cuisines. Most tourists when visiting ... Read more

A.      Overview Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta. It is made from green jackfruit, as the main ingredient, ... Read more

A. Overview You may wonder what Kipo means in the first place. And when you get to know that it is a name of food you may think that it has something ... Read more

A. Overview Most people recognize Yogyakarta as a city with its sweet and piquant food specialties such as gudeg, bakpia, yangko and geplak. However, ... Read more

A. Overview Some of us might have tasted the softness of Kirimochi or Mochi, a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice pounded into paste and ... Read more


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