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Yogyakarta City

Cultural Tourism

A. Overview As a city famous for its culture, Yogyakarta has many classic dances which have existed since a long time ago. The classic dances of ... Read more

A. Overview Sekaten is a series of cultural events held yearly by the provincial government of Yogyakarta in the commemoration of Prophet ... Read more

A. Overview Yogyakarta is an extraordinary city with a million charms. There, local and global cultures intermingle and create a unique harmony. In ... Read more

A. Overview Every year, Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat holds Sekaten Festival to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW (Maulid Nabi) at ... Read more

A.    Overview The word Kondur is in Javanese language which means "return" and Gongso means "gamelan", so Kondur Gongso is a ... Read more

A. Selayang Pandang Kawasan Kotagede tidak hanya menyimpan pesona sejarah Kerajaan Mataram Islam, masyarakatnya juga memiliki tradisi budaya yang ... Read more

A. Overview Garebeg Keraton Yogyakarta is a traditional ceremony performed as a manifestation of Sultan’s duty to spread and protect Islam. ... Read more

A. Overview One of hangout spots tourists must visit in the City of Gudeg, Yogyakarta, is the South Square, better known as Alun-alun Kidul ... Read more

A. Overview Anniversary of a city is usually celebrated in merrymaking. Numbers of activities are held, such as night vigil, art and cultural ... Read more


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