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Yogyakarta City

Historical Tourism

A. Overview Kampong Kauman is an integral part to the City of Yogyakarta. There, the first seen construction would likely be the historic Kauman ... Read more

A. Overview Like many other cities, Yogyakarta also has a historical monument. Tugu Yogya, or usually just called by “Tugu”, is one of ... Read more

A. Overview Hundreds of years ago, Krapyak area in the south of Yogyakarta Royal Palace was a forest. Wild animals roamed the woods, among them were ... Read more

A. Overview Yogyakarta is home to many historical remnants, one of them is an old site that used to be a rest house and water garden. Pasanggrahan ... Read more

A. Overview Set foot on the town of Kotagede, Yogyakarta, is like being in the era of Islamic Mataram kingdom in the 16th century. Kotagede, one ... Read more

A. Overview While in Yogyakarta, tourists should spend some of their time visiting Kotagede, one of the historical area in the city. Kotagede is ... Read more

A. Overview Given the physical look, designs and functions of the buildings, and street system, Kotabaru is clearly unique. Formerly called Nieuwe ... Read more

A. Overview The history of Yogyakarta Sultanate started in 1558. That year, Ki Ageng Pamanahan was granted Mataram area by the Sultan of Pajang ... Read more

A. Overview Pura Pakualaman is closely related to the history of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Sultanate. It started when Herman Willem Daendels was ... Read more

A. Overview Tamansari Water Castle is one of the cultural heritages of Yogyakarta Sultanate that stand hitherto. Tamansari was built during the ... Read more

A. Overview Keraton Yogyakarta Horse Cart Museum is part of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace complex. Those in this unique museum are not usual ... Read more

  A. Overview Visit to museum is one of the ways to recognize the histories and cultures that currently began to be forgotten. As a region ... Read more

A.      Overview Taking a tour to Yogyakarta is incomplete without visiting Malioboro. However, do not get ... Read more

A. Overview When Tracing back the history of Indonesian independence in Yogyakarta you cannot leave off the President’s Residence The Residence ... Read more

A. Overview Trying to preserve the remain traces of Ki Hajar Dewantara‘s life and struggle, in 1970, a museum namely Dewantara Kirti Griya was ... Read more

A. Overview Yogyakarta has been known as a city with numerous and various cultural heritages from the Royal Palace. Not only does it become a ... Read more

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